Now that ground has been broken for the new sports park to be built on the east end of U.S. Highway 98, it's time to give it a name.

County Administrator Larry Jones told Walton County Commissioners on Tuesday that there is a current policy in place for naming of facilities, but has not been reviewed in a while.

The current policy was adopted in 2008.

Commissioners were given a copy of the policy and its guidelines.

Commissioners may name a facility for its geographic location, its outstanding features, its function, or a historical event by a simple majority vote.

Commissioners may also, by a simple majority vote, name or dedicate a county-owned facility for a noteworthy individual or group, or a deceased individual who provided exceptional service to the people, the county, the state, or the country and has been deceased for more than three months; a group that contributed significantly to the acquisition or development of the facility; or a living person only when using that person's name is a condition of the donation and contained in a deed restriction.

Any Walton County resident may nominate an individual or group as the name of the facility or request the facility be dedicated in honor of a deceased person by putting the nomination in writing and providing sufficient facts about the service or contributions of the individual or group to justify naming the building the facility for them.

Nominations will be reviewed and the county administrator will place deserving nominations or requests on the BCC agenda for a vote by commissioners.