SANTA ROSA BEACH — A man who crashed his car on a football field said he had been at the field to relive his childhood memories.

On Nov. 27, the32-year-old man called authorities to report he crashed his vehicle on the football field at Helen McCall Park. When deputies arrived and talked to the man, he informed them he came to the field to “revisit old memories of playing on the football field as a child.” He drove his car onto the field and parked behind the goal line on the east side of the field before falling asleep while sitting in the car.

When the man awoke, he realized he would be late for work and pushed hard on the accelerator. He then lost control of the car and it flipped upside down.

Deputies observed ruts in the field caused by the driver accelerating across the field, as well as ruts swaying back and forth as if the man had been driving left to right as he drove across the field.

The man said he knew driving his car onto the field would cause damage. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Walton County Public Works officials estimated the damage to the field was approximately $500.