The board members of Children’s Volunteer Health Network (CVHN) named Kurtis Wolff as its interim chief executive officer.

“Mr. Wolff has served on the CVHN board and is passionately committed to our core values and mission,” said Mike Gavigan, chair of the board of directors for CVHN. “Our decision to name Mr. Wolff as interim chief executive officer was based on his leadership, his relevant non-profit experience, and his call to serve.”

Since its inception in 2005, CVHN has been able to directly impact the lives of 18,234 children through 79,483 dental and medical procedures totaling $5,861,309 in free services. None of this would be able to happen without the generosity of our donors, medical providers, volunteers and dedicated staff.

It is that type of service to the community that has inspired Wolff’s involvement in CVHN.

“I have always felt it is an honor to serve among board members and staff at CVHN. Becoming the interim chief executive officer is an opportunity for us to seamlessly continue the purposeful work we do to help children in our community,” Wolff said.