MIRAMAR BEACH — A snack bar at a local resort was shut down for a day after health inspectors found eight health violations, including at least 40 rodent droppings throughout the kitchen.


Seascape Resorts Snack Bar was shut down Feb. 6 after a routine health inspection, according to an inspection report from the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation. An inspector found more than 40 dry rodent droppings throughout the kitchen, including on a stack of plates, on the floor and under a plate storage shelf next to a dish machine. The droppings were listed as a “high priority” violation and led to an immediate shutdown.

The inspector also found an accumulation of “black mold-like substance” in the interior or the ice machine, and the interior of the microwave was “soiled.” Those violations were listed as “intermediate.”

Six basic violations also were found, including dust, grease and soil residue on the exterior of a microwave, a return vent soiled with grease and dust, and a wet mop not stored in a manner to allow the mop to dry. The inspector also noted a cutting board “has cut marks and is no longer cleanable” and reach-in cooler shelves were “rusted and pitted.”

The inspector returned the next day and allowed the restaurant to reopen after no high-priority or intermediate violations were found. Three basic violations were still noted and the snack bar operator was given time to correct them.