Local dad Maurice Hunter is on a mission to see that his young daughter is empowered and has the tools to succeed in her relationships.

The tool he is using toward this end is letter writing.

The letters fall into three categories -- love, relationships, and life. All three focus on the necessity to love oneself first to be able to maintain successful relationships.

Hunter is not trained in relationship help, but as he is writing the letters, sharing what he has learned in life, he is incorporating the advice and steps he is writing about into his daily life and teaching himself.

"Most of us have it backwards," he said. "I am teaching a different perspective of self love."

This now year-long process started last Valentine's Day with a letter he wrote to his then 8-year-old daughter that turned into a manuscript. Each of the "letters" is 30-40 pages in length. They will be combined into a book he will name "The Three Letters." Each is written in letter format for adult readers and goes into his perspective on love relationships and life.

"This is for all daughters and dedicated to mine," he said.

Hunter expects to finish the project by the middle of this year but wants to hold off releasing the book until Feb. 13, 2019, on the International Day of Self Love.

"It has taken on a life of its own and grown into something much bigger than I imagined in the beginning," he said. "I want it to be amazing -- sort of like my life's work."

Hunter also has a son and he is working on a project for him.

"This one is specifically about women," he said.

Hunter said he always had a lot of female friends when he was growing up and they came to him for advice.

"They felt inferior to men," he said. "I want to help my daughter get a head start and teach her self love early on so she won't experience a lot of that. This grew out of an appreciation for women. It's interesting that the whole women's movement is getting going at this same time."

Hunter uses the letters centered around the concept of self love to explain to his daughter how anything she experiences hails back to her relationship with herself.

"That relationship is most important," she said.

Hunter also ventures into the subject of boys and touches on the subject of sex.

"The life letter goes into how she is with herself, taking care of her body and mind and how all elements come together for her life experience," Hunter said.

All messaging on materials for promotion of the book spells "self love" backwards -- fles evol -- so that the words can be read correctly when looking in a mirror.

As part of the promotion, during the next year Hunter will mail three letters to randomly selected women in the community leading up to the release of the book.

When not penning love letters, Hunter is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor.

Follow him at #threeletters on Instagram @evolflesproject, on Facebook, and visit evolfles.com.