If you enjoy yoga and if you enjoy dance, yoga instructor Pat Carlyle has a workshop for you.

Let Your Yoga Dance retreat, taught by Megha Nancy Buttenheim, will be held Feb. 23 and 24 in Santa Rosa Beach.

"We have people coming from all over the United States to attend but few people in the Panhandle know of her," said Carlyle. "I would like to change that."

Buttenheim is a senior member of the faculty at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Her Let Your Yoga Dance concept was featured in the January edition of Oprah's O magazine.

Let Your Yoga Dance is a 25-year-old moving celebration of spirit based in the ancient yoga chakra system (the energy centers of the body). It combines gentle moving yoga, user-friendly dance, breath, meditation in motion, and relaxation with music.

"Let Your Yoga Dance is sometimes wild and filled with abandon, sometimes a quiet meditation in motion, sometimes completely still," said Carlyle. "At this retreat, we will dance for the coming spring. Together and alone together, we will experience joy, depth, and intention, embodying the sacred in a new, vibrant way.

"Brain, body, heart, and soul will be given added fuel for zest, optimism, gratitude, resilience, kindness, and strength," she added. "Through the heart and soul dance of community, together we will build positivity resonance."

Buttenheim was Carlyle's teacher in 2001 when Carlyle decided to move to the beach.

"I went to her and got certified and taught a couple of years at Seaside. She is the founder of this concept," said Carlyle.

Let Your Yoga Dance does not stay in one place like traditional yoga.

"You move around the room to music -- some fast and some not," said Carlyle. "This is dancing and movement, but it's not highly choreographed. It's appreciating your body. It's more introspective and holistic and good for the body, heart, and soul."

The two-day workshop will be begin at 6 p.m. Feb. 23 and continue at 10 a.m. Feb. 24 at Christ the King Episcopal Church on County Road 393N. The workshop is open to anyone regardless of ability.

"All are welcome, newcomers and veterans alike," said Carlyle.

For more information or to register, contact Carlyle at beingatthebeach@gmail.com or 585-1146.

Tuition is $139 and pre-registration is requested.

Visit Buttenheim's website at letyouryogadance.com.