SANTA ROSA BEACH — A man being arrested for marijuana was slapped with a tampering charge after he attempted to put the marijuana in his mouth in front of a sheriff’s deputy.

According to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, on Feb. 4 a deputy pulled a car over for traveling south in the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 393 and making a turn onto Churchill Bayou Road without stopping at a stop sign. The driver of the car gave law enforcement consent to search the vehicle, at which point a deputy located a small clear plastic container inside a purse on the center console that contained a green leafy substance which appeared to be marijuana.

The deputy returned to the rear of the vehicle with the container and asked the man, who had been a passenger in the vehicle, what was in it. He then grabbed the container from the deputy’s hand, and as the deputy attempted to get it back from him, the man opened it and threw it on the ground. He then picked up the green leafy pieces and put them into his mouth.

The 33-year-old man was placed under arrest and charged with marijuana possession and tampering with evidence.