The Scenic Corridor (SCF) Foundation recently presented a Scenic Corridor Design Excellence Award to John Fayard Self Storage in Santa Rosa Beach.

SCF created this award in 2017 to recognize businesses and developers who build or renovate projects that best exemplify the intent of the Scenic Corridor Guidelines established in Chapter 13 of the Walton County Land Development Code.

“We designed this award for businesses who do a really good job with the Scenic Corridor guidelines, meaning they adhere to guidelines for architecture, landscaping, signage and other areas,” said SCF Board Member and former Executive Director Leigh Moore. “The natural environment is so beautiful; we should all make every effort to make the built environment as beautiful as possible as well. Complying with these guidelines is a good thing; we hope that others will see this and want to comply as well.” The attractive landscaping and tasteful signage and architecture of the John Fayard Self Storage development are some key components that drove the decision to select them to receive this award.

SCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes increased property values, a robust business environment and safe and beautiful surroundings for all by proactively working to preserve, protect and enhance the U.S. Highway 98 and 331 Scenic Corridor in Walton County.

“It’s a positive thing for our community and a positive thing for tourism,” Moore said. “I think when people drive into this area and cross the county line coming from the east and the west, they feel and see the difference and that is really important. SCF believes it is all about improving quality of life in the community, improving property values and making the development more sustainable and in keeping with the character of the community.”

On hand for this presentation were members of the John Fayard Self Storage team, Walton County Planning and Development Services staff, and Scenic Corridor Foundation board members. Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast President Roger Hall presented the award to owner John Fayard.

“Our goal is to preserve the South Walton area making it business friendly and beautiful," Hall said during the presentation. "Our area continues to grow, and we just want it to grow the right way. It’s a great day in the community to have another partner like John Fayard.”