More than 50 years ago, then Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Newton Minow made headlines describing television as a vast wasteland. “Hold my beer,” said the internet. I’m kidding, a little anyway. Minow’s quote was taken out of context, and we owe him for persuading Congress to fund communication satellites.

Just like there was mindless drivel back in the day, don’t forget the amazing theater either. “Hogan’s Heroes,” Bob Crane’s peccadilloes aside, was a brilliant satire. For all complaints about the internet destroying children’s ability to write, a study by Stanford professor Andrea Lunsford found the opposite. Her research showed young adults write more than older generations plus their creativity far exceeds prior generations. She proclaims a literary revolution unseen since Greek civilization.

Today we communicate electronically, and that’s where news junkies get their fix. I stumbled across a great blog, one of my favorite writers (Disclaimer: I bought his book in paperback) @Johnathan Clement linked to his Twitter feed. Round up the usual suspects, I get news from Twitter, too.

When Kristine Hayes hit the big 50, she wrote a “letter” to My Younger Self. She talked about how important college would be and reminded herself/us to concentrate. One of my regrets is not focusing as I should have. Although I proudly participated in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo with the University of Georgia Livestock judging team. Since the Certified Financial Board requires a bachelor's degree, I wouldn’t have my life without my degree; I persisted with a little help from my friends.

During her 30s, she put off saving for retirement like the rest of us. After years of scraping by, rewarding herself with “stuff” seemed logical. The way humans evolve simply makes long-term planning difficult. During her 40s, she got divorced, and half of her pension went away. When spouses leave, they can take more than just a piece of your heart.

Time flies and Kristine is right; 50 is not old. Don’t view saving for retirement as a burden, but as the freedom to pursue your interests. People tried to tell me when I was young but I wouldn’t listen. I scoffed at the first person who told me about IRAs. He replied, “Son, how much money do you throw away?” You learn from your mistakes; the ones you buy, you remember. Material things don’t bring as much pleasure as activities you enjoy. Buy experiences, not stuff. Good financial habits are the key. The future is there to change.

While the internet has a lot of garbage (and misinformation, courtesy of Russian trolls), great writing exists, too. Television was not a wasteland nor has the internet harmed the written word instead it is in different places.

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