DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — A woman was arrested after pouring hot coffee on her roommate and calling her a “devil worshiper.”

According to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the 47-year-old woman, who was listed as schizophrenic on the report, and her roommates were sitting behind their houses smoking when the woman made comments about “beating up whoever is making her clothes stink.”

Her roommate suggested she use laundry detergent.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the victim said the woman walked very closely to her and then poured a cup of hot coffee all over her. The coffee got on her arm, leg and torso.

The victim asked her what she was doing, and the woman replied, “it was an accident, I’m sorry. Just send me to jail. My parents will get me out immediately.

“Back off, b****,” the woman continued, according to the report. “You are a devil worshiper.”

She was arrested and charged with battery.