DESTIN — A Louisiana man chaperoning a group of spring breakers was arrested for allegedly hosting a house party where high school students were drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

John Scallan, 57, of Covington, is charged with holding an open house party, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office. It’s the second such arrest of a chaperone by the Sheriff's Office this week.

Thomas Gardner, 55, of Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested Monday 2 after the Sheriff’s Office responded to a noise complaint about 11:30 p.m. at a home on Terra Cotta Way. Gardner was allowing high school students to drink and smoke pot.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a noise complaint on Shirah Street about midnight Thursday. A deputy could hear loud music and yelling as he approached the home, the Sheriff's Office reported. He spotted a large group of people under 21 playing games involving alcohol and noticed marijuana in plain view. Liquor bottles and beer cans were scattered around the backyard.

Scallan allegedly admitted he knew some of the partiers were in high school and were drinking and smoking marijuana, the Sheriff's Office said.

The company who rented the house planned to evict the group.