WALTON COUNTY – A 59-year-old homeless man who’d been trespassed from a park in Santa Rosa Beach was arrested after he walked away from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputy who’d come to talk to him.

The man, whose boat was anchored just off shore, walked toward the water, refusing to turn around when the deputy called his name.

He made it to the water line and waded out to his boat, according to his WCSO arrest report.

When the deputy reached the water’s edge, he ordered the man to come back and he moved closer to the deputy, but stayed in the water.

The deputy learned that the man had violated an active trespass warning and told the man he was going to place him under arrest.

“You’re not taking me to jail,” the man said and returned to his boat. He then pulled up the anchor and started to drift away.

The deputy told him to drop the anchor and come back, or he would be charged with resisting arrest.

The man said they’d have to come get him because he wasn’t going anywhere on his own, the report said.

The boat had no propulsion and was being pulled toward shore. The man kept getting out and trying to pull his boat away from shore but the current was too strong.

Eventually the current pulled his boat to shore. The man got out and said he was tired and ready to give up.