South Walton will soon have a new, badly needed cell tower.

Walton Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday night to allow construction of an F814C Southern Link cell tower in the Peach Creek area of Point Washington.

This major development order application was submitted by Matthews & Jones LLP on behalf of Buddy Robinson Jr. and Stanley Connally Jr.

The 300-foot tower will be constructed on .25 acres owned by the St. Joe Paper Company with a future land use of Village Center. The project is located approximately 800 feet north of the U.S. Highway 98 right of way east of U.S. Highway 331.

Southern Link's site acquisition and construction manager Clay Brogdon said the tower will be designed to accommodate all phone carriers.

The news of a new cell tower coming to South Walton is welcome to many residents who complain about spotty service, and especially those who have been without any cellphone service for more than three weeks.

AT&T reported last week that some of its customers in the area of 393S were without service due to a water tower being taken down. AT&T's antennas had been located on top of the tower. However, that water tower, located at the corner of Woodland and Satinwood Drives was not taken down until April 10.

"I don't know why they took it down," said Melanie Barrett, who lives next door.

A week later, AT&T cellphone customers in the area are still without phone service.

"We continue to work with our local service provider to connect a temporary cell site in the area," said AT&T Media Relations Representative Rosie Montalvo. "This solution should provide additional service until the relocation work is completed."

However, no estimate was given for when service would be restored for the customers affected.