As part of the continuing Art in Public Places, painter Rebecca Hart will display her work at the Coastal Branch Library for the month of May.

Hart is a plein air artist and designer from Santa Rosa Beach. She discovered the art of plein art painting in 2005 as a member of the Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters and has been painting ever since.

“There is a moment in time when, as an artist, I come across an unfamiliar scene which tugs at my heart strings and compels me to capture the moment — the light, the color, the shape and the form until I possess it or it possesses me,” Hart said. “Once encountered there is no going back. This fleeting moment lasts a few hours or maybe a few days before the scene becomes part of my regular, or everyday, existence. I agree with American painter Michael Godfrey who writes, ‘When something I see or hear is breathtakingly beautiful and spiritually moving, I feel the presence of God and have the desire to respond.’”

Most recently she has spent time in Europe, Alaska and the Far East working for the Department of Defense. Paints, brushes and an easel are essential items in her travels. Paintings on view are a result of weekend jaunts in the countryside and a kindred connection with the culture, people and landscape.

Hart earned the bachelor of arts degree from Mississippi State University in graphic design and master's degree from Georgia State University in Counseling. In addition, she has exhibited and participated in workshops locally and in Italy, Colorado and Alaska.