Kyma the border collie was adopted by Christina Flynn when he was just a six-week-old pup.

Almost immediately, Flynn began to work with her new pup, teaching him basic voice and hand commands.

By age 2, Kyma was competing in agility contest, and before long he was a champion.

Kyma has continued to compete and win agility championships for 10 years, and has many trophies and ribbons to prove it.

Impressively, 12-year-old Kyma still trains several times a week and competes one weekend a month, and he is still a winner. He just won his latest agility championship a couple of weeks ago.

The only change for the team of Kyma and Christina Flynn is that Kyma is now going deaf.

Flynn said she first noticed about a year ago that her champion was looking back at her during agility runs for direction, which he had not done previously.

"He was looking back because he couldn't hear me," she said.

Instead of quitting, though, Flynn began adjusting Kyma's training to teach him to respond to her hand commands only.

This means, however, that Flynn must run fast to keep up with her dog when he is running the courses.

"I have to run him silently," she said. "It's harder to just use the hands. It's nice to be able to use both voice and hands. He follows my body so I try to go as fast as I can."

Flynn has to do this as each course is different every time as the judges create the course at each competition.

Flynn has taken Kyma to competitions all over and she said she will continue to enter him in competitions as long as he is willing and able to compete.

Kyma is entered in a competition this week in Mississippi and he is almost qualified for Nationals, which will be in Tulsa next March.

"As long as he is healthy I will continue to register him for competitions," said Flynn. "We cross train with swimming almost every day, which really helps."

Flynn is a canine agility coach and helps Alaqua Animal Refuge with their dogs.