The mother/daughter duo of Jackie and Hollis Hart have been hard at work and have created new loungewear just in time for Mother's Day.

The duo debuted their first collaborative effort in November 2015 with Private Holdings, which is a combination of men's boxer shorts and briefs sewn together. The garment was inspired by Jackie's husband Ron when Jackie tired of seeing him walking around in his underwear and decided to design something pleasing to both.

After experiencing success with Private Holdings, Jackie turned her attention to women.

"I noticed that many women were wearing sports bras or bras under their gowns or pajamas for support," she said. "I thought there must be a better way."

She then set about designing a cute and comfortable nightgown that also offers support via a built-in shelf bra.

"It holds everything in place, making sleep more comfortable for women with a larger bust, and gives support for women who are post op, nursing moms, and women who have implants," she said. "You can wear it around guests and answer the door in it."

Hart chose a silky soft fabric made from Tencel, a fiber made from plant fibers, and designed the back 2 inches longer than the front. She and her daughter named their design Sleep Tight and launched their new product this spring.

"The first time I walked out of the bedroom with the Sleep Tight gown on, my husband said, 'Cute dress,'" said Jackie with a laugh. "And it is attractive. An added benefit is that due to the support, it shows cleavage."

Both the Private Holdings boxer shorts and the Sleep Tight gown come in their own stylish upscale box. Private Holdings' box has a jewel cut out on top and Sleep Tight has two.

Jackie serves as the company's CEO and Hollis is CFO.

Jackie worked as 25 years as an intensive care cardiac nurse, quitting to throw all her efforts into her new company.

Hollis still works for an investment firm in addition to owning part of Private Holdings. Jackie's husband Ron is a syndicated columnist who publishes Sundays the Northwest Florida Daily News. The Harts own a home in Rosemary Beach.

"It's been really good to work with her," said Jackie of her daughter. "She knows things that aren't second nature to me and that's good for me. Every part of this business we have had to learn, although both ideas are very simple," said Jackie.

Order Private Holdings and/or Sleep Tight online at Enter the code Waltonmom for a 25 percent discount.