Are you tired, sluggish, out of sorts, and holding onto weight you can't seem to lose? If so, Drew Robbins may have the answers you need.

Seven years ago, Robbins was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and told there was no cure.

He was in constant pain, walked with a cane, and taking pain pills were a part of his daily routine.

"I was in pretty bad shape," said Robbins.

After conventional doctors offered him no hope for getting better, Robbins turned to unconventional methods with Dr. Kyle Chavers and Foundations Medical Center.

Chavers began working with Robbins to eliminate all processed foods from his diet.

Through that process and working with Chavers, Robbins learned that the No. 1 thing a person can do for their body is to eliminate sugar, which Robbins learned is an antigen and poison to the body. He also eliminated gluten, as well as flour and dairy.

"Lactose is sugar in milk," said Robbins. "You have to treat sugar as a drug and something that is a rare intake."

Through embracing a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, seven years later, instead of being confined to a wheelchair, Robbins again walks without a cane, he has not taken meds in two years, and his bloodwork is clear of any signs of RA.

Robbins is now on a mission to share what he learned with others. Robbins earned certification to teach seminars three years ago and has led 140 people through his healthy living program at his fitness center, Fit Your Way.

He will offer his next two-hour seminar at 2 p.m. May 20 at Fit Your Way, 2078 U.S. Highway 98, on "How I Beat My Autoimmune Disease" to share what he has learned and experienced.

"We know what science says and medical studies indicate these things affect inflammation in the body. Inflammation is an auto-immune condition," he said. "In addition to RA, inflammation can also cause heart conditions and cancers."

Two of those who are presently going through the program are Rob Wood and Tonia Shatzel.

"We got to a point where we felt our health was not what it should be," said Wood. "We had put on weight and were unable to get rid of it. We did some research and while having lunch with friends who had lost a combined 50 pounds after going through Drew's program, we decided to check it out."

Wood and Shatzel found that they knew very little about eating. Through Robbins' guidance they have been studying what is going on inside their bodies when they consume a tremendous amount of sugar, and they went on a 21-day detox of no alcohol and no sugar.

"We learned that 80 percent of the stuff at the store has processed sugars. We took every bit of sugar out of our pantry. Drew taught us to shop," said Wood.

Wood learned that there are more than 200 names for sugar that the food industry has done a great job of hiding.

Currently, as Wood and Shatzel wind down from their detox month, the couple has collectively lost about 20 pounds.

Wood said he will continue with his new lifestyle after his time in the program ends.

"Day 4 and 5 were bad," he said, "as the brain was crying for sugar. But by day 6 and 7 the cravings began to stop. Now, my mind is clear and my energy level is up. I will probably go back to having a glass of wine at sunset, but I will not go back to eating sugar-laced processed food. We had to learn food. You can't outwork a bad diet. We were shocked at what it was doing to us. We are about to see the first generation that will not live as long as their parents."

Wood learned that sugar-laced processed food creates sugar spikes and an insulin problem.

Robbins teaches these facts at his fitness facility, but said his focus is not weight loss but a healthy lifestyle.

"After practicing this, I feel better than I felt in my early 30s. I have turned my biological clock back 20 years. What has happened to my body is magical," said Robbins. "We are more in control than we realize."

Robbins' 3 Pillar Health program is a 12-week course where he teaches how to work out in a way that's best for each person, and that what a person puts on the end of their fork is better than what they get out of a pill bottle.

Fit Your Way is located in the same plaza as the South Walton Publix. The "How I Beat Autoimmune Disease" seminar is free and open to the public. Robbins will lead another group starting at the end of month.