When South Walton's high school graduates walked down the aisle for their baccalaureate on May 17, each one received a unique gift.

Hope on the Beach Lutheran Church presented each graduate with a special pillow that church members and members of the community made for them.

Willing local hands joined together to create these pillows and were given along with a special poem and Bible verses to help bless the graduates as they enter the next exciting chapter in their lives.

"We saw a pillow that one of our members made for her daughter when she graduated and left for college and our pastor asked the mom if she would make one for all our graduates, with help," said Kristie Scheler, the pastor's wife. "We hope they will take it to college with them and when they go through tough times, this will be a reminder to cling to your God. It's an encouragement."

The church sponsored sewing these pillows for the third year in a row even though they have not had any graduates in their congregation the last two years.

"It's just a ministry we felt was important and a great thing to do for graduates," said Scheler.

The pillows are gender neutral.

This year's baccalaureate service was held at The Chapel at Crosspoint.