Caleb Plantholt and Billy Gray from Billy Gray Ministries had a successful trip recently to India.

According to Gray, there were more than 100 professions of faith.

“We were able to visit our beloved pastor friend, John the Baptist, his family, his congregation and fellow pastors,” said Gray. "His ministry is thriving. He and his family welcomed us with great hospitality and kindness, and it was obvious they worked hard and prepared diligently for our arrival.”

Gray and Plantholt also visited churches that were completed with funds sent by Billy Gray Ministries, and they were able to see churches in the process of being built.

BGM was founded in 1982 following Gray’s release from federal prison where he had promised God that, upon his release, he would serve him wherever he was sent. Since that time he has preached the gospel in India, where he established orphanages, more than 20 times. He also visited Indonesia, France, England, Chile, Brazil, Greece, Rome, Guadalupe, Grenada, and throughout the Caribbean.

Gray is currently the pastor at The Gathering, a non-denominational Christian worship service that meets weekly at 10 a.m. in the Terrace Room of the Linkside Conference Center in the Sandestin Resort.

On the recent trip to India, Gray was able to distribute funds and gifts to many local pastors.

“I preached at approximately 15 churches and we went to about 25 villages where we spoke to the villagers and prayed for them,” said Gray. “The trip had many challenges, but God was victorious in the end.”