DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — A 29-year-old man was arrested for drugs after he admitted to having something illegal in the car during a routine traffic stop.

A Walton County sheriff’s deputy pulled a car over for having a tag light out. The driver had a valid driver license and no outstanding warrants, so the deputy gave him a verbal warning about the tag light.

The deputy asked the man if there was anything illegal in the car, and the man said he had a knife. He also said the car wasn’t his but belonged to the passenger and he was in the process of buying it from him.

The deputy asked to search the vehicle, and both men consented. The officers found a small plastic bag inside a cigarette case containing a brown powdery substance. When the deputy asked the man what the substance was, he at first said he didn’t know. He later confirmed that he purchased the substance believing it was heroin.

The man also had a needle and a spoon with white residue on it in his front pocket.