Homes in new communities can sometimes look alike. But luxury builders are hoping to make their properties stand out with extravagant features such as champagne vaults, candy rooms, and bowling alleys. One Los Angeles development company has even included a shark tank in one of its spec homes, reports.

The home, fittingly dubbed the “shark house,” features a 300-gallon, two-foot-deep tank containing three hound sharks, a remora shark, a horn shark, and a cat shark, as well as eight stingrays, a starfish, and three yellow tang fish. Stepping stones float above the uncovered saltwater tank so the prospective homeowner can walk over it. The homeowner can be “watching your fish or doing yoga or reading a newspaper or whatever you want to do” from the shark tank room, said listing agent Sam Real of Nest Seekers International. The home, located in the Hollywood Hills, is listed for $35 million.

Some of the sharks will outgrow the tank and require being moved to an aquarium, Real said, adding that he’s hired an aquarium specialist to handle the job. The removed sharks will then be replaced with younger, smaller hound sharks.

The seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom home also includes a “wellness center,” a wine cellar, humidor, and a freezer specifically designed to store tequila. “Buyers are looking for a place that is more of a resort than a home,” Real told “It’s about: How much else can I put in my house so that I don’t have to leave?”

This article was contributed to The Log by National Association of Realtors.