The only registered play therapist in Walton County, Jeanine Rousso, recently announced a new branch of her experienced practice.

She has launched new services for local schools to take advantage of student observations and teacher trainings to parent presentations and group counseling.

“I work to help families live more manageable lives. My goal as a counselor and therapist is to empower children, teens and parents to find more stability and balance and improve relationships,” Rousso said. “So, working with schools and the teachers these children and parents see often seemed like a natural fit."

Rousso, who has more than 10 years of experience as a school counselor, parent educator and educational consultant, said she’s developed multiple interactive presentations to train teachers and parents in a variety of ways that can help improve support for children and teens in the classroom.

Still, as a licensed mental health counselor for more than 13 years, her in-office focus is play. She said she understands juggling all of the responsibility and stress that comes with being a parent, and through play, healthier relationships between parents and children can be formed that help relieve stress and bring more overall joy to the family unit as a whole.

“I have enjoyed working with children my entire life, and I believe that play is a vital part of life for everyone, no matter the age,” said Rousso.

But play is not the only tool utilized in her office. Through art, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques, she works to increase peace in her clients’ lives.

With multiple degrees from reputable universities like Clemson, Tennessee and Georgia State, she’s worked in a variety of environments and handled an extensive list of clients of all ages, but with her experiences, she’s honed in on her true passion, working with children, teens and their parents.

For more information about Rousso or t​o learn more about her services, visit​, call 850-677-5300 or email