FREEPORT – A 57-year-old woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery after someone called the Walton County Sheriff’s Office to report she was “tearing everything up.”

When deputies arrived, they were told that the woman had been arguing for days with her boyfriend of more than 20 years.

She was angry over him using narcotics, according to her arrest report and, at one point walked into the room and tossed a glass of sweet tea at him.

She then started flailing her arms and hitting him.

The victim told deputies he was dragging and pushing her down the hallway to get away from her. She fell while trying to hit him and he sat on her to keep her from hitting him again.

That was the first day. Two days later, he bought her cigarettes and she became angry that they were the wrong brand, the report said.

She crumpled them in his face and then got a machete from his survival bag, threatening to kill him.

On her way to jail, she told the deputy, “I took the knife out of the case and put it right back. I wasn’t going to cut him.”