Jake and Michelle Schomp are travel junkies prepping for a month long cruise across the Pacific Ocean.

The couple has been married for six years and decided to become a full-time traveling family in 2016, after selling their house in Tampa. They planned on buying a bigger home to raise their two kids, Henley, 5, and Jagger, 3, but sporadically decided to ditch the sedentary lifestyle.

“After we did a summer in Rhode Island for three months we found that we really enjoyed being homeless and having the freedom to go where we wanted to go and not be locked into a routine,” Jake said.

Jake and Michelle’s love for traveling came from studying abroad while at the University of Georgia. They spent the early years of their marriage exploring Central and South America. Since 2016, the family has visited over 25 counties.

The Schomps have been in the U.S. since June and are currently making a stop in Sandestin, a childhood vacation destination of Michelle’s.

It’s important to Jake and Michelle that their kids be culturally diverse. When they started the full-time voyage, the family spent only about a week in each country. Jake said that type of traveling wasn’t sustainable, so now they make month-long stops.

“Since (Henley and Jagger) don’t know any better, you know, this is their normal, seeing different cultures and religions and different types of people and different types of places and vehicles all over the world. That’s normal to them,” Jake said.

Some of their favorite destinations include Morocco, Scotland, France and their most recent trip, Egypt, which Michelle said was a pleasant surprise.

“I was really uncertain about the safety, and we just felt extremely safe there and then it was just a treasure hunter’s paradise,” Michelle said.

They have been fortunate to stay safe during their travels and said that's from not taking unnecessary risks like going out at night or to somewhere they haven’t already looked into.

“It’s a lot of the same common sense you’d have to have visiting big cities here in the states,” Jake said.

The couple works online while on the road. Jake runs salesforce.com for different companies and Michelle is a senior director of Beautycounter. Their trips are also occasionally sponsored by traveling companies, but they only take sponsorships if the location is somewhere they are interested in visiting as a family.

The Schomps plan to travel for another year or two, but want to settle down when Henley and Jagger start school so they can have a “staple childhood” and develop life-long friends.

For now, they are enjoying their time in Sandestin and preparing to make a stop New England before setting sail from Alaska and venturing across the Pacific Ocean to Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam.

You can follow their journey at retiredtoddlers.com