MOSSY HEAD — The Walton County Commission and the county's Eonomic Development Alliance (EDA) have landed a new company for the Mossy Head Industrial Park.

Commissioners on Tuesday approved moving forward with an offer from Yelco Logistics to purchase 4.95 acres in the park. The company's plan is to develop a truck wash, truck rental company, office space and a coffee house restaurant, which will bring 10 to 20 new jobs to the county.

The board instructed staff to run the appropriate legal notices and bring back a purchase agreement for consideration.

“This is just another step in providing jobs and opportunities for Walton County citizens,” said County Commissioner Cecilia Jones, the EDA's chairwoman. “We will continue to work hard to bring more and better jobs to Walton County.”

County and EDA staffers also have met with an interested party known only as project X. While a potential project is still in discussion, county officials say they believe Walton County is on the short list for consideration.