When we go through difficult times, it’s easy to drift into that way of life as our new normal. You cannot do this! We must always remember that we are children of the highest God and obstacles will be put in front of us if we’re living. If you begin to believe that you are a loser, I believe that is an insult to God, and although He wants to bless us, those blessings will never be received.

We have all been blessed with a heavenly talent. What are you naturally good at? Once you figure out what that gift from God is, use it. Act on the talent He has given you. Before long, you’ll be doing what you love, and are good at.

You must find and act on that God-given talent to bring it to life. Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to figure out your life for you. Dig deep. Figure it out for yourself. You’ll be so proud and your heavenly father will be even more proud.

Keep moving forward. Don’t complicate the solution. Listen to the obvious answers God has provided and don’t rush the process. If you do this, one day soon it will be like a rocket was ignited into your new life of peace, happiness, and success.

Live happy.

Rick Stanfield, a former Missouri State Trooper and entrepreneur who co-founded Sweet Henrietta’s Treats in Santa Rosa Beach, is the author of “I Can And I Will." He can be reached at rickstanfield1@yahoo.com.