DeFUNIAK SPRINGS — Walton County authorities are confident they will be able to close a March burglary case after linking DNA from a cigarette butt left at the scene of the crime to a “career criminal” in jail in Santa Rosa County.

James Dexter Jackson is believed to have entered the offices of Regional Utilities on March 17, made himself a pot of coffee, smoked a cigarette and robbed the place, a Sheriff’s Office news release said.

DNA was collected from two Styrofoam cups and a cigarette butt found shoved between the screen of an open window and the building, the release said. Analysis provided overwhelming evidence that Jackson, and no one else, had committed the crime.

“The observed DNA profile is 700 billion times more likely to occur if the sample originated from James Dexter Jackson than from an unrelated individual,” the release said.

Items were stolen from personal sheds located on the Regional Utilities property, including fishing equipment valued at $2,700. Also stolen were a wakeboard, sunglasses and a battery charger, the release said.

Jackson will face additional charges of grand theft and burglary, the release said.