A new venue will soon be open for local artists to display their work in Walton County.

The Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, a nonprofit organization working to support artistic expansion and education across the county, is set to open another Foster Gallery in Seaside at the Ruskin Place Artist Colony on Nov. 16.

The current gallery in Grand Boulevard, across from Orvis, features 12 local artists whose work hangs on display and is available for purchase. The new location will spotlight 10-12 new artists, according to Melissa Wheeler, the organization's marketing director, and the CAA is narrowing down their choices now.

Jennifer Steele, the executive director of the organization, said she's made it her life's work to expand the artistic footprint in Walton County and believes art can have a power impact on a community. 

"The gallery was named for Susan Foster, one of the CAA's founders," she said. "The word 'foster' was also chosen to symbolize our commitment to supporting artists. It has developed to symbolize the support the CAA and the gallery receive from our host and community."

Artists who are apart of the CAA work commission-based shifts at the Foster Gallery, giving guests the opportunity to meet them and get additional insight on their work.

Tim Harbeson, an artist out of Santa Rosa Beach, said he recently moved to the area and is fairly new to the organization. His work, which is on display at the Grand Boulevard location, combines landscape and abstract art with an oil-based style, and his paintings are suspended from a wooden sculpture of his own creation.

He's a a lifetime artist and said he primarily works with sculptures, but branched off to painting to be more diverse. He credited nature as his main source of inspiration. 

"I'm inspired by nature, I'm inspired by anything beautiful," Harbeson said. "What I try to do is bring beauty to my world and share it with others."

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the CCA will host an opening reception at its Grand Boulevard location from 5-7 p.m., inviting guest to come meet the artists, have some snacks, listen to live music and purchase artwork — which Wheeler said they'll be able to take home that day.

Apart for the Foster Gallery, the Cultural Arts Alliance is also responsible for other events in Walton County like 30A Songwriter's Festival, Arts Quest and the Flutterby Festival.

"We were presented with an opportunity and are thankful to have it," Wheeler said. "(We're) excited to be able to hopefully connect with a new part of the community there in Seaside and expand the opportunity for artists in the area to showcase their work in a variety of venues."