As the Florida Panhandle begins the rebuilding and recovery process from one of the most devastating storms on record to hit, The Alys Foundation, a non-profit entity of Alys Beach and EBSCO Industries, has pledged $250,000 in donations for immediate relief efforts.

Following the wake of Hurricane Michael, Alys Beach, along with substantial aid from its incredibly generous homeowners, quickly mobilized efforts to support its community, and particularly its employees, affected by the storm.

“It was clear early on that it would be important for us to establish a plan of action in assisting our community in the aftermath of this destructive storm,” said David Everett, general manager and vice president. “While we are fortunate that Alys Beach weathered the storm well, many of our team members live in the harshly affected areas, with some experiencing total loss. After ensuring each and every one of our staff members’ safety, we saw the dire need for assistance, and we are pleased to be a part of the solution for the community we love.”

The intent of The Alys Foundation’s $250,000 donation is to provide relief through a combination of monetary contributions, temporary housing, and other needs, such as storage, supplies, clothing, food, and water, throughout the recovery process. Affected employees of Alys Beach and their families will be the first receivers of the funds, and remaining aid will be allocated from there to regional relief efforts.

In addition to the pledged donation from The Alys Foundation, additional recovery efforts from Alys Beach homeowners, which began immediately following the storm, include daily supply drives, monetary donations, as well as providing refuge within their own homes to employees displaced by the storm.

“We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support from Alys Beach homeowners in this time of need," Everett said. "The action they’ve taken by donating their time, supplies, and even their homes to those in need, as well as their monetary commitment has been incredible. We hope that our pledged efforts will continue to assist our resilient community as it undergoes the long and slow process of recovery.”

The town, which has resumed operation, will review all requests for assistance through a six-person committee comprised of three members from the Alys Beach corporate team as well as three Alys Beach homeowners. For more information or to donate directly to relief efforts, visit