CRESTVIEW — The Crestview Police Department has received multiple inquiries regarding a social media post purporting to warn of an alleged rape in the parking lot of a local business.


However, no rape reports have been received by the police. The Friday afternoon post on the “Crestview Crimes and Break-Ins” Facebook page alleged  “a friend of our roommate was raped last night in the tractor supply [sic] parking lot by 2 men.”

However, the police have received no reports of this or a similar incident, which, according the post, also included the victim’s abduction “in a van/truck.”

“We have no reports, no active investigations, of anything of that sort occurring anywhere in the city over the last several days,” Criminal Investigations Sgt. Josh Grace said Wednesday morning.

Grace cautioned residents to be careful when forwarding or reposting unsubstantiated claims, because even though they are shared with good intentions, they may not always be accurate and can cause needless worry.

“If anything like that does occur, please, please contact the Crestview Police Department immediately so we may investigate,” Grace said. “We treat all allegations of rape with respect and discretion.”