More temporary delays are expected along the coastal end of Walton County as a segment of County Highway 30A is being resurfaced.

The ongoing project — which will spotlight the area from County Road 83 to County Road 395 — is scheduled to conclude Feb. 1, according to Louis Svehla, public information manager for Walton County, who added the roadway will remain open during the renovations.

The renewal project will cost a little more than $800,000, and is part of routine maintenance done on paved roads across the county, he said.

"Unfortunately, 30A is not considered a rural road, so we don't get, normally, any assistance on anything down south ... from any grants or anything like that, so this is going to be something that's funded through our regular public works budget," Svehla said.

Similar improvements have already occurred during past off-seasons along 30A, and Svehla said construction is split up to allow the road to remain navigable and work during periods with less traffic.

Crews are currently in the process of smoothing imperfections with hopes of keeping the popular road fresh and making travel easier for commuters.

"This is part of the process of us maintaining and improving our roads and our transit system in the county," Svehla said. "While it's unfortunate that there may be some delays and some increased traffic, this project is certainly a benefit to that area moving forward."