Captivating the artistic niche of locals and tourists alike is one of Walton County's latest creative stops, East End Gallery.

Located in Rosemary Beach, the venue opened its doors on May 1 of last year, and since has seen tremendous support, according to Lori Drew, a local artist and the gallery's art manager.

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment only. Prices range from $100 to nearly $4,000.

"From the very beginning, I wanted to have a place where all artists were welcome," said Drew, who was South Walton's 2017 Mixed Media Artist of the Year. "It's then up to the juror, or whoever that may be, to decide if it's appropriate."

Their current collection, Fresh Start, is composed of artists from across the nation whose work can be viewed during normal business hours or while visiting the site for Art After Hours, a casual shin dig on the first Friday of every month.

"The way I see it, (East End Gallery) can only grow from here," Drew said.

Starting this exhibit, Drew said they asked three local interior designers, including Carolyn Simmons of 30a Interiors, to help narrow down submitted work.

Simmons said she combined what she thinks her clients would like with pieces she connected with and works she believes would best fit in homes around the area.

"I didn't necessarily hone in on things that weren't for our area, but I think there were a few pieces I selected that I thought might be a little more traditional," Simmons said. "Everybody's taste in art is completely different. It's an emotional attachment."

Drew said she was proud that many of their original artists have stuck around since the beginning. Every three months, applicants can submit up to six different pieces of art, she said.

The current exhibit will be on display until April 27 and artists interested in getting more information on applying for future exhibits should email Drew at

"Whether or not (selected artists) sold art, they keep bringing their work back, and it keeps getting accepted because it's good work, we just haven't found the right buyer yet," Drew said.

The next Art After Hours is scheduled for Feb. 1. Guests are invited to come view artwork and enjoy refreshments. For more information, visit