After opening last Memorial Day, a local restaurant is hoping to put its own spin on traditional burger joints.

30A Burger, located in 30A Avenue in Inlet Beach, is owned and operated by Tim Creehan, chef and restaurateur with about 35 years of culinary experience and multiple restaurants in the area.

The venue features a dog-friendly atmosphere — with a specific menu for the pups — take-out options, a full bar, and punch cards for avid customers.

"If we get someone in here, there's a pretty good chance from what we're seeing they end up falling in love with it and stick with (us)," Creehan said.

The Avenue's recent addition sits next door to another one of Creehan's creations, Cuvee 30A. Throughout nearly four decades in the food industry, he said he's sampled many different burger stops across the country, taking tips along the way.

"I always thought I would love to do a place like (this)," he said.

After being approached by the complex's landlord with the opportunity to open something new, he decided to combine theses experiences, while adding some personal flare, to create a concept he plans to one day franchise.

"I've been following the Shake Shack brand for a long time and was a big fan of it and understood what they were trying to accomplish," he said. "I wanted to be different, more of a full-service experience."

Everything is cooked to order, and created by Creehan. He said consistency was key and that customers should expect the same product every time.

Burgers feature thin, four ounce patties that can be doubled, and other options including chicken and veggie sandwiches.

"We're doing that classic press burger, where you get the nice crust on the outside (and) it stays nice and juicy on the inside," Creehan said. "I just think it makes a better eating experience."

He said the convenience of the venue's casual and affordable vibe paired perfectly with the many concerts hosted in 30A Avenue.

Looking ahead, they hope to introduce online ordering and either work with an already established mobile app or release their own.

"So, we're going to get this one figured out and get it going and I've got some (other) spaces in mind," Creehan said. "Certainly southeast to start, but we don't to limit our self to that."

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