Some Oscar goodies for everyone.

The Oscar name originated in part with Margaret Herrick, secretary, remarking that the statue looked a lot like her Uncle Oscar. Also mentioned by Bette Davis about her Uncle Oscar's rear.

The Oscar statue depicts a knight holding a sword, standing on a roll of film with five spokes signifying the five original branches of the Academy: actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians.

The Oscar comes in five pieces. In war time, it was made of plaster. Not solid gold. Hand cast in britannium, nickel platting dipped in silver then plated with 24-karat gold.

The Oscar is 13-and-a-half inches in height, weighs 8-and-a-half pounds and made of pewter alloy. First ones were cast in bronze.

Since 1949, the left heel of the Oscar starts with 501.

There are 24 eligible categories today.

Made in Chicago by manufacturer R.S. Owens. If a winner does not want it, they MUST sell it back to the Academy for $1.

Spielberg has bought two Oscars and sold them back to the Academy. They belonged to Clark Gable and Bette Davis.

There are 12 people involved in making Oscar and it takes 20 hours to make it. There are 50 to 60 produced yearly.

Three Oscars have been refused. Dudley Nichols, writer of "The Informer"; Marlon Brando for "The Godfather," although he accepted one for "On the Waterfront"; and George C. Scott for "Patton." Woody Allen wasn't present to pick his up for "Annie Hall."

The famous little golden guy was first handed out at the Academy Awards of Merit in 1929 and the ceremony took 15 minutes of banquet time.

The longest award show was in 2002 — 256 minutes.

Seventy-two Oscars are hidden for the ceremony in case someone steals them.

In 1968, there was a tie for best actress — Barbra Streisand and Katherine Hepburn.

Spencer Tracy's Oscar was engraved Dick Tracy.

Bit of sillinessnow, Pamela Anderson won best supporting actress for a bra.

Oldest winning actress was Jessica Tandy and the youngest was Tatum O'Neil.

Edgar Bergen in 1937 was given an honorary miniature one made of wood with a movable jaw.

Barry Fitzgerald broke his Oscar knocking off the head with a golf club.

Ever wonder what is in the Oscar gift bags? Twenty-five items selected from 125 bids. A few years ago it included monogrammed slippers; leather cases with cosmetics; Broadbend Phone services; pajama bottoms; two night stay in a New York hotel; kitchen set, toaster and kettle; year supply of coffee and tea; steakhouse dinner party; spa resort, a week stay in Manhattan valued at $3,500. Imagine what it is today!

Time to sit back now and see what new things happen at this years' celebration.

Enjoy Oscar night 2019 and the 91st Academy Awards.

Patrick McAlpine is a self-described “edutainer” and a Canadian Snowbird from Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Submit your jokes or smiles to