Walton County beaches aren't the place for underage spring breakers to crack open a cold one.

With thousands of college and high school students set to swarm beaches, Corey Dobridnia, spokeswoman for the Walton County Sheriff's Office, reminded visitors the organization has a "zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking."

"I would advise those coming here for springs break to enjoy our beaches and all the Emerald Coast has to offer, but do so responsibly," Dobridnia said. "There is no 'kangaroo court.' There is a 58-or-so-mile trek to the jail in DeFuniak Springs."

For 2018, Walton County arrest reports list more than 200 alcohol-related incidents from March 3 to April 1.

Of those spring break arrests, nearly all were the result of underage drinking, with other charges including the possession of marijuana and providing alcohol to minors.

Despite Hurricane Michael damaging some spring break destinations, such as Panama City, to the east, Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson said he wasn't expecting an increase of partying tourists.

"Our demographic has always been different than the crowd that visits Panama City Beach," he said. "We tend to draw an older age group and more families."

However, he said the Sheriff's Office will remain prepared in case an influx does occur. He planned to maintain the same level of security as in years past.

"We ask that those visiting Walton County enjoy all our beaches have to offer and make memories," Adkinson said. "But, we also ask you to treat our home like your home, nothing less."