DeFUNIAK SPRINGS — Two hours ahead of Thursday’s special City Council meeting to discuss her fate, City Clerk Loretta Laird tendered her resignation.

Laird’s resignation was announced at the 6 p.m. meeting by Clay Adkinson, whose law firm represents DeFuniak Springs.

Neither she nor her attorney Stephen Webster responded immediately to emails seeking comment.

Along with the resignation, Adkinson requested that the council accept a settlement for Laird of $52,500 in exchange for her agreeing not to pursue any legal challenges against the city.

Council members voted unanimously to accept both requests without comment. The meeting was adjourned five minutes after it began.

Laird’s status with the city became a point of contention when, following an April 9 City Council election in which three new council members were elected, the longtime municipal employee requested a transfer to a position with the city’s Police Department.

Along with the request for transfer, Laird submitted a complaint alleging she’d been subjected to a hostile work environment. It said the hostility against her had grown since the three new members — Kevin Crystal, Todd Bierbaum and Robert McKnight — had been elected.

“Unfortunately, the full scope of the hostility is impacting my ability to work,” the complaint said.

Laird listed a specific example in which she felt she had been harassed by Crystal and also implied that she’d been treated poorly after taking a possible election day law violation by Bierbaum to the State Attorney’s Office.

Laird also took City Attorney Clayton Adkinson, Clay's father, and Mayor Bob Campbell to task in her complaint. She said the two improperly “exert too much control over the (city) Planning Department.”

Adkinson has denied that allegation.

Efforts to reach Bierbaum and DeFuniak Springs City Manager Mell Smigielski immediately following the meeting were unsuccessful.