DESTIN — A 30-year-old Holt man has been charged with one felony and two misdemeanors after he allegedly used a personal radio to contact dispatch about a fight.

According to a social media post, the Sheriff's Office heard a radio transmission April 13 that said, "S.O. I've got a fight in the Galati parking lot."

A communications officer then requested the person's identity with an assigned Sheriff's Office identification number. The person responded as an "off duty" firefighter. The officer asked if the person needed the channel locked down, or if "emergency radio traffic" was needed, Jackson's arrest report said.

However, the person on the radio later identified as Jackson did not understand the question, according to the report. The officer asked again, and Jackson said, "Negative. I need some S. O. units here, please."

Deputies responded to Galati Yacht Sales in Destin and "restored the peace." While at the scene, deputies determined the source of radio communication was Jackson, who claimed he was a firefighter with the Holt Fire Department, his arrest report said.

Jackson's vehicle had what appeared to be emergency strobe lights on the dashboard and a firefighter tag. However, Holt's Fire Chief said Jackson was not an employee.

It was later determined that Jackson was not allowed access to the radio, the arrest report said.

Jackson admitted he had not been a firefighter since 2009, his arrest report said. 

He was charged with impersonating a firefighter, unauthorized transmissions and unlawfully transporting radio equipment.