Dear editor,

I vividly remember my freshman year. I remember walking down the halls of Paxton and staring up at the seniors who towered over me. I remember running to meet my friends at my locker. I remember my first Homecoming with the “big kids.” My freshman year was filled with many firsts that I wish I could go back and relive.

I wish I could get back the feeling of envy of those seniors who were finally done with high school.

My advice to the upcoming freshman is to get involved. High school is an intimidating, but extremely exciting time. Every activity, assignment, and test will need to be given 100% effort. Be honest. Stay true to yourself and set your expectations high.

Experiencing high school means experiencing many difficult trials. You will make mistakes and you will sometimes fail, but don’t let those mistakes define you. Be respectful to yourself and others. Most importantly, respect your teachers, coaches, and administration. They are here to help you succeed.

People will let you down sometimes, so be forgiving. Having a forgiving heart is an amazing quality.

Keep in mind that high school is a time for you and the people around you to find out who you are. Be realistic. What you do in high school will predict your future: the college you get into, the career path you become interested in, and so on. High school gives you many tools that you will take with you in all future endeavors.

Do not look back in ten years and have regrets. Start off strong and finish stronger.

Remember the people who have helped you get to this point. You are parents are the most wonderful and precious people in your life. The love and support are unwavering, so never forget to thank them. Always keep God first. Prayer is an attribute no one can ever take away from you. Knowledge is power and God has given us all the knowledge in the world.

Lastly, high school is a time for you to find your gifts and use them in preparation for your future. More than anything, my hope is that you never stop striving to be the best that you can be.



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