Nick Smith, a bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker originally from the UK, lives in Fort Walton Beach and works in Inlet Beach. He is launching his 10th book, "The Windmill Factory," this summer.

"The Windmill Factory" is a thriller about a psychic who helps the cops by absorbing the souls of murder victims and reliving their final moments.

Smith will be at The Hidden Lantern, 84 N Barrett Square in Rosemary Beach from 1-3 p.m. June 23.

In the book, Paul Humber uses his psychic powers to help the police but finds his life and sanity threatened by a killer who makes his worst nightmares a reality. Paul can rewind the memories of dead people but he'd rather have a drink. When his cop friend Mike asks for help investigating a series of murders, Paul hits the bottle and follows the trail of a neurosurgeon who tampers with his patients' dreams. Paul's life gets more complicated when he falls for Mike's girlfriend ... who might be psychic herself. The answers to Paul's questions about his powers and his friends' motives lie in the nightmare smoke-stacked world of "The Windmill Factory."

Smith was born in Bristol, England, in 1972. He began his creative career as a writer and researcher for the BBC in the mid-1990s.

He is the author of the bestseller "Milk Treading," which was featured on NPR and translated into Italian. He also adapted "Milk Treading" as an Edinburgh Fringe play. His other books include "Undead on Arrival," "Eat Happy," "The Age of Endarkenment," "Scriptwriting: The Secrets Unleashed" and "The Kitty Killer Cult."

Smith is a filmmaker (the feature-length movie "Cold Soldiers" is currently being distributed by Maverick Entertainment) and prime time TV and film actor, appearing in "Charlie’s Angels," "The Fixer" and "Cole Younger & The Black Train."

A founding member of the Film School Scotland, Smith has lectured at colleges and film programs in Europe and the USA.