I feel compelled to respond to the guest column “Trump haters continue to sink lower and lower.” The writer likes to make fun of Democrats while ignoring the real facts of Donald Trump’s life and presidency. As for this American, I don’t “hate” Trump but fear him and his policies as I would have feared Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Donald Trump has made a mockery of the presidency with his tweets and attacks on those he dislikes such as our American hero, Sen. John McCain. He has embraced autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un while antagonizing our European, Canadian, Mexican, and other allies. He has ignored the Constitution and the rule of law and has been acting more like a dictator every day.

The separation of Central American children from their parents will go down in American history with the detention of Japanese Americans and treatment of Native Americans. When a federal court demanded that these children be united with their patents, the Trump administration ignored that lawful order. Under our Constitution, the Justice Department, which should have carried out the order, is part of the executive branch of government, so nothing was done. Now we learn that our government has lost track of many of these immigrants, and they say reuniting many parents with their children is impossible.

As for the Meuller investigation, it did not exonerate the president but deferred to the tradition that a sitting president could not be indicted. The investigation did issue 34 indictments to other individuals involved with the Trump campaign and presidency (a record for any president). Trump also set a record for the most firings and resignations of any president in the history of our country.

As for his policies: He brags that he knows more than any expert on any subject. He institutes tariffs in violation of the Constitution and the advice of economists. Such tariffs will not hurt the other country but will (and has) hurt American consumers, farmers and industries. Presidents Obama ended the Bush recession and the economy improved during his eight years in the Oval Office. Trump likes to take credit for the economy but, in fact, it is still a result of the actions of President Obama. Many experts predict that if Trump continues with his economic policies, we may face another recession by 2020.

His great “tax cuts” were nothing but “smoke and mirrors.” The tax bill did away with many personal deductions, including exemptions of $4,050 for each member of a household. Though it did increase the standard deduction, that increase is scheduled to be phased out over the next few years. To convince the American people how great the tax cut was for them, the administration reduced withholding so taxpayers would be fooled by receiving a bigger paycheck. That worked until individuals filed their taxes and were shocked to discover that they owed more than last year. According to the IRS, individuals paid $93 billion more than last year while businesses paid $91 billion less.

Then there is the matter of the destruction of our environment. Again, Trump knows all and tells us that it is “fake news.” He neglects to admit his dealings with the oil and coal industry. He even shows his ignorance by stating that “climate change” is just the liberals’ new words for “global warming.” In fact, the climate change the Earth is experiencing is a direct result of global warming. As an environmental science teacher, I understand how the two are connected. As the Earth warms and the ice caps melt, the resulting change in the salinity and temperature of the ocean and altering of the ocean currents causes the large hurricanes, droughts, floods, heat, heavy snow falls, etc., that we see occurring on a global scale.

I could discuss Trump’s marital infidelities and dishonest business practices but his supporters seem willing to overlook, or are accepting, of such from the “anointed one.” Trump supporters, such as the author of “Trump haters,” need to get their heads out of the sand and see what is really happening before it is too late.

Robert Hirsch is a resident of Miramar Beach.