SEASIDE — An international author and fashion designer said women should never have "sex for shoes."

While on tour promoting her latest book, “The Absolute Woman: It’s All About Feminine Power," Vicky Tiel recently stopped by Sundog Books for a meet-and-greet.

Tiel's tale of female empowerment is her second book and was inspired by the experiences she's had while working with an extensive list of A-1 celebrities. After designing clothes for Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Ivana Trump and Elizabeth Taylor, Tiel hoped her book would inspire younger generations of women to create their own careers.

"The most important lesson I learned from those women is make your own money and buy your own shoes," she said. "You can be sexy, you can be gorgeous, you can be sensual, but you're powerful as well because you make your own money."

Tiel, a fashion designer of 50 years who splits her time between Baker and Paris, said she was the only American couturier in Paris. She added that one of her biggest influences was Elizabeth Taylor, whom she met in her early 20s.

From her time working with the renowned actress and business woman, Tiel said there was one thing that stuck out to her the most — Taylor's mantra, "Don't dance with crazies."

"When someone's mean to you, if someone bullies you at school, if some husband is mad at you, if your child says something terrible, you do nothing, nothing, you only roll your eyes, and you ignore them," she said. "If you notice there's something wrong, think about it and find a way to work it out, but stay happy."

Along with advocating for women's empowerment, Tiel also hoped her book would inspire up-and-coming artists to power through any setbacks.

"An artist must be new," she said. "If you're artistic and creative, don't expect to get a straight A, they're going to give that to the people who are doing what's already happening. ... Always follow your passion and move on."

Looking ahead, Tiel plans to return to Seaside for more events in August and November.