Two reports of poor water quality caused confusion at Navarre Beach on Wednesday morning. One report on the Navarre Beach Lifeguards Facebook page said bacteria had found its way to the water due to a burst pipe east of the beach. The second report came from Swim Drink Fish, a Canada-based nonprofit organization. Both reports were proven untrue.

NAVARRE — Conflicting reports about the water quality at Navarre beach caused a moment of panic on Wednesday morning.

One report, a Facebook post on the Navarre Beach Lifeguards page originally reported that a pipe burst to the east of the beach and a longshore current had brought bacteria to the beach. Lifeguards then began going up and down the beach asking swimmers to leave the water and shower immediately.

About 30 minutes later, the Beach Safety Chief posted on the page saying the information was a mistake and apologized for the confusion.

“We have contacted the FDOH (Florida Department of Health) and Navarre Beach and the Sound side is clear of any bacteria and is ABSOLUTELY SAFE TO SWIM,” the post said.

Another report was from a non-profit organization from Canada called Swim Drink Fish, which sparked speculation of poor water quality prior to Hurricane Dorian.

"We have contacted the Swim Guide website staff in Canada at Swim Drink Fish who posted the information on the water quality," the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners posted in the Concerned Citizens of Navarre of Facebook page. "They said they 'proactively' put all of Florida’s beaches on special status when the governor declared a state of emergency. They said it would be removed within about an hour. The DOH site is always the official site for water quality."

The post has been removed.

An individual with that organization answered the Daily News' questions about the post, but then said everything was off the record.

Despite both reports, Navarre Beach's water quality is good, according to the Florida Department of Health.