On Thursday, 100 degree temperatures were recorded at Eglin Air Force Base, which broke the existing record of 97 degrees set back in 1997.

FORT WALTON BEACH — Eglin Air Force Base reached record high temperatures Thursday.

According to a tweet by the National Weather Service in Mobile, Thursday's 100 degree temperatures crushed an "old record of 97 degrees set back in 1997."

The tweet added that it was also the first time 100 degrees was recorded at the base in September since records started being kept in 1940.

Brandon Black, a NWS meteorologist, said Hurricane Dorian has a lot to do with the "abnormal" temperature.

He added that hurricanes release heat, creating high-pressure zones in areas surrounding the storm.

"Hurricanes act kind of like a car engine," Black said. "In this case, it's to our east, but we're still feeling those effects."

Looking ahead, he expected things to cool down this weekend, before heating back up for what he called "a pretty extended period of hotter temperatures."

Eglin AFB reached a record of 100° today, crushing the old record of 97° set back in 1997. Also, the 1st time 100° has been reached in September at the base since records have been kept going back to 1940.

— NWS Mobile (@NWSMobile)September 5, 2019