GULF BREEZE — The Dunkin Donuts at 250 Gulf Breeze Parkway in Gulf Breeze was temporarily closed after inspectors found that the restaurant had no bathrooms available for employee or customer use.


The restaurant closed Sept. 3 and reopened the next day after the problems were resolved, according to an inspection report from the Department of Professional and Business Regulation.

The inspector found the plumbing system was "in disrepair," causing toilets to bubble when the sinks were running. Sewage was backing up through the floor drains and toilets, the report said.

There was also sewage on the ground.

Inspectors found pipes outside the restaurant uncapped with bits of toilet paper hanging out of the pipes and on the ground nearby, the report said.

A manager told the inspector that plumbers had been out three days before and were returning that day.

When the inspector returned the next day, all of the problems had been resolved and the restaurant was cleared to reopen.