Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club is set to unveil its $2.25 million course enhancement project Sept. 14 to members and the public.

Over the last past three months, the Legendary Family on Companies has invested resources around the clock to maintain Regatta Bay as the premier golf club on the Emerald Coast. The project was led by course architect Robert C. Walker, with the goal to improve and modernize the golf course and infrastructure.

The focal point of the project was the enlargement and modernization of the putting surfaces. During this project greens where converted from Jones Dorf Bermuda grass to TifeagleUltra Dorf. This change was made to create faster, firmer planning conditions for everyday play. Furthermore, as part of the enhancement project, all greens’ surface areas were brought back to their original size, undulations were added, as well as mowing patterns reconfigured around surrounding green complexes to modernize and add character to the greens’ complexes.

“I feel that these changes to our greens gives the golf professional so much more to work with, not only to better manage the facility for day to day play, but also creates a product needed to host world class events," said Mike Giammaresi, director of golf for the course. "The course architect, our turf care team, and contractors have done an amazing job creating firmer, faster surfaces that allow for better turf management practices as well as create a more entertaining experience for members and the public.”

In addition to new greens, Regatta Bay has added 18 new tee boxes to make the course more playable from a variety of yardages. It has now become a 6,820-yard par 71 from the championship tee with the addition of six new championship tees across the course. This adds depth to a game that is becoming longer and longer with today’s technology, especially for the avid player.

On the other end, Regatta Bay has created new forward tees that have been rated for U.S. Kids junior golf programs as well as for ladies and beginners. These forward tees shorten the championship course down to a manageable 4,138 yards, while still offering four other playable yardages between these two tee box sets.

“I am excited that we were able to create so many new tee boxes across the course. I think this is vital to attract players of all abilities to Regatta Bay and to the game,” Giammaresi said.

Yet another interesting twist in the enhancement project came with the complete remodeled of hole No. 17, converting it into a 311-yard drivable par 4 designed to rival the infamous No. 10 of Riviera Country Club in Los Angles. The new risk reward hole will be sure to team up with Regatta Bay’s No. 18 to provide for a memorable finish.

Additionally, a new green complex was created on hole No. 12, converting it to a 450-yard par 4 from the championship tee, and making it the new No. 1 handicap hole on the scorecard.

“Working closely with the original course architect on this part of the project has led to an improvement of both holes, No. 12 and No. 17, while allowing us to create usable space for future development and improvements to the Regatta Bay Community,” Giammaresi said. “The new finish will certainly create a lot of excitement with players being able to make Eagles or Double Bogeys. It reminds me a lot of what the PGA likes to do with their TPC courses.”

Still, the improvements do not stop there. The enhancement project also included improving cart paths around the entire property. Over 800 yards of new concrete paths have been laid across the property to better accommodate members and guests while enjoying Regatta Bay’s beautiful property. Moreover, the entire surrounding green complex on No. 9 as well as green side bunker on No. 4 received PermaEdge bunkering, a unique product that gives a sod wall face appearance much like bunkering one would see at the Open Championship in Europe.

Finally, a state-of-the-art performance studio was installed in the clubhouse with the addition of a Trackman Golf Simulator. It is the only one of its kind on the Gulf Coast, allowing players to improve their game with one of Regatta Bay’s certified PGA instructors, or allowing for groups to reserve the studio to play a number of famous courses from around the world.

“We feel that these improvements really help take Regatta Bay to the next level of providing a first-class experience for members or our public guests. It is exciting to offer features that few clubs in America are able to provide,” Giammaresi said. “We see it as an investment in our future, our community, and the game of golf. We are very excited to share them with everyone on Sept. 14th and for many years to come.”