Tropical Storm Karen has launched a meme storm with everything from annoying coupon complainers to bad haircuts associated with the storm.

The Internet’s meme-machine is loving Tropical Storm Karen, which it is tying to the unusual topics of annoying store patrons and middle-age haircuts.

According to Time the name Karen has become synonymous with the persona of an “annoying entitled, woman.”

Tropical Storm

— ethan  (@ethanisabadboy)September 22, 2019

hows this?

— ~JawKneeBlaze (@JawKnee_Blaze)September 23, 2019

Asking to speak to all the managers in her path

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy)September 22, 2019

Tropical Storm#Karen is currently waiting to speak to the manager.#sorrynotsorry I could not resist

— PotiPoti (@PotiPoti5555)September 22, 2019

Karen, which has triggered tropical storm warnings in Puerto Rico, and the US and British Virgin Islands, is forecast to bring heavy rain to the islands later this week.

Its ultimate path is unclear, but the official National Hurricane Center forecast, has it moving north and then taking a sharp left toward the east coast and Florida on Friday.

Hurricane center forecasters said they have low confidence in the track forecast because the system is so weak and may even fizzle after passing Puerto Rico.

Still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the system this week.

A close up look at Tropical

— Mister Lobo (@MisterLobo)September 22, 2019

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