FREEPORT — The season of festive beads and large celebrations may be over, but there was still one Mardi Gras-themed event left to be had.

The Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport hosted a parade of pups Saturday to encourage adoptions of their newest additions.

Laurie Hood, founder and president of Alaqua Animal Refuge, hopes they will find forever families soon.

Dressed in a variety of costumes, dogs from puppies to seniors marched around the property, strutting their paws.

Piper, a Catahoula leopard mix, was rocking a hot dog costume, but, Boudin, a 13-year-old terrier mix, stole the show with his hammerhead shark costume.

Hood thought it would be fitting to have a Mardi Gras parade since all of the rescues were originally from small rural towns in Louisiana.

The Louisiana-based shelter was closing, and if they couldn’t find a place to house the 250 rescues, the dogs would have to be euthanized.

Shelters from all over the country offered to take in the abandoned dogs.

When Alaqua was transporting their new additions, Louisiana was in the middle of celebrating Mardi Gras.

“In the midst of parades everywhere, we were doing this large scale animal transport,” Hood said.

After the Saturday event, many of the parade goers ventured off to see their favorite dogs and a few of the rescues were greeted by potential adopters.

Tony Sanchez and his daughter Presley were looking at Gator, a pointer cattle dog, who was dressed as a dragon.

“I feel like every single one will get an application,” Hood said. “They’re all great dogs.”

Donna Smith, who rescued animals from shelters in the past, said she was hoping to take home a new addition to the family as well.

“We’re making it a celebration of their life by having a Mardi Gras pet parade to show them all off,” Hood said.