Here are seven hacks to social distancing, so you can do the activities you love and still maintain a safe distance from others

With social distancing, a lot of activities seem off limits: concerts, sports, eating out, going to the gym, attending church – to name a few, errr, a lot.

Here are seven ways to maintain 6 feet between you and everybody else, while still doing some of the things you love – or at least kinda, sorta like.

1. Watch Netflix together.

Being in the same room isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Think about it. If you are alone, no one can steal your quarantine snacks, talk through your favorite scenes or convince you to sit through episodes one through three of a show you’re sure you won’t like.

Instead, have a Netflix watch party with a group of friends, long-distance movie night with a loved one or binge session with a family member through Basically, you can watch the same Netflix program together while chatting online.

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online, according to Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows, according to the site.

At least this way you can log out whenever you want.

2. Listen to live music on social media.

So, no, you can’t crowd surf at a concert, watch an acoustic set on the patio of a restaurant or hear the soundtrack to your life at a bar.

But, tons of local and non-local musicians are using Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Snapchat to give their fans the same experience. Follow your favorite musical acts on social media so it can notify you during their performance.

3. Host a virtual get-together.

Maybe your Bible study group, knitting clan or gym crew can’t squad up in the same space. Consider hosting a video conference together.

We heard a local knitting group used Zoom Video Communications available at to meet via video conferencing. Like, how cute is that?

4. Challenge your friends – virtually.

If you have spent any time on social media the past week, no doubt you have come across the “See 10, do 10” push-up challenge, in which people record themselves doing 10 push-ups and then challenge their friends to do the same.

If push-ups are the last thing you want to do while social distancing, SAME.

Consider challenging your friends in other ways, such as challenging them to write the first page of their book, walk around the block, clean their base boards – OK, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

5. Create a makeshift home gym.

Maybe you don’t have some dusty cardio equipment mocking you in the living room or a squat rack in the hot garage. Doesn’t mean you can’t exercise.

Any heavy object around the house can operate as a dumbbell, and nearly every fitness influencer online can show you how to use it. Consider searching your home for objects that can double as exercise equipment and create a makeshift gym inside your home.

If all else fails, walk, jog or bike around the block.

6. Eat out (ish).

Sitting in a restaurant is overrated. Make your own restaurant in the living room or backyard. Pull out a tablecloth or blanket, light a candle or two – for ambiance – and pick up some food to go or from a local restaurant, have it delivered through a food delivery app or try a new recipe from those old cookbooks – you know, the ones you’ve never opened.

Different ingredients, same result.

7. Play virtual sports.

Sports Network is a little dull these days, and fans are likely suffering from sports withdrawals. If you aren’t the type to dunk on people at your neighborhood basketball hoop – and six feet of distance doesn’t exactly allow for it – consider linking up virtually with your friends for some video games. Whether it’s Madden, NBA2K or Wii Sports, throw some of that competitive spirit into a sport you’re allowed to play.