JUST PLAIN TALK: Additions and amendments to earlier columns
Buz Livingston 
JUST PLAIN TALK: Trying to reason with hurricane season, make plans
Buz Livingston 
THE GOOD NEWS: God's word preached by Jesus plainly in His parables
I CAN AND I WILL: Church and a gas station — be sure to refuel both
JUST PLAIN TALK: COVID changed us, economy, way of life — and still is
Buz Livingston 
JUST PLAIN TALK: Strong infrastructure makes a strong country
Buz Livingston 
I CAN AND I WILL: Miracles of creation, our lives and the world, came through God
ENGAGING THE DIVINE: Belief in God remains at the foundation of our basic liberties
I CAN AND I WILL: God's hidden treasures to be found off main road
HAVE YOU WONDERED? Set your heart, mind on journey toward heaven
Inflation or infection — which is worse for your portfolio
Buz Livingston 
JUST PLAIN TALK: Be wary of unexpected retirement pitfalls
Buz Livingston 
JUST PLAIN TALK: I bonds, the 'best-kept secret in America' investment
Buz Livingston 
Cleaning hard drive is good, but won't improve performance
I CAN AND I WILL: It’s easier to blame others, but accept responsibility
IT'S GEEK TO ME Returning to older PC games takes steps, but is doable
KEEPING THE FAITH: One more massive change in a sea of massive changes
JUST PLAIN TALK: What's new with Social Security, benefits and statements
Buz Livingston 
I CAN AND I WILL: God rewards us for honesty, so just tell the truth
BIG HARE, BIG FAITH: Make time for Jesus; he makes time for you
IT'S GEEK TO ME Will Google ever fix its main Gmail misfire?
JUST PLAIN TALK: Erratic finances can be early sign of dementia
Buz Livingston 
KEEPING THE FAITH: The answer is in the story still being told
I CAN AND I WILL: The chosen ones are closer than you think
THE GOOD NEWS: Jesus speaks to open your mind through preaching of his faithfulness