Yep, TDC brags about what they have done to bring vacationers to Destin, but what I see as a REAL resident are kids like the 19-year-old caught with a fake driver's license, 210 cans of beer and marijuana, or the house last week that had over 40 drunk kids.

Last week the house across the street from me had 10 trucks parked in a driveway that will accommodate three. Thank goodness for the sheriff's department that tries to monitor these hooligans. All of the pretty houses on Crystal Beach have pretty white picket fences, yet this one construction company is building houses with natural wood fences that look ridiculous.

Our area looked like Cape Cod, but this construction company and the investors building these 1,800-square-foot houses that sleep 20, to bring in TDC party central children, are degrading the beauty here. You can bet the actual residents of Crystal Beach will be voting on the Commissioners and Council people that will help us rather than the TDC and Spring Breakers in future elections.

— Jim Sfakianos, Destin